The "Somewhere On Hilton Head" Podcast

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Millions of people visit Hilton Head Island every year asking, 
“Where Do The Locals Eat?” 

The “Somewhere On Hilton Head” Podcast will help you Be “In The Know” on where to go…on Hilton Head Island!

Less Stress

The best parts of a vacation are the people we love, the places we’ve been, and all the memories we’ve made along the way...not stressing on where we eat dinner.

Know Before You Go

We all prefer to buy from people we KNOW, LIKE and TRUST. Make your decision based on first hand knowledge.

Have Fun

The object of a to rest, relax and have FUN. How can you possibly do that when going in blind?

So, With Your Smartphone In Hand...

Listen to The “Somewhere On Hilton Head” Podcast so you will Be “In The Know” On Where To Go!

Every week we share a new story about exciting Island Adventures.

Build a connection and a relationship.

Each and every person that you connect with on your vacation has a story to tell. We all want to do business with people we know, love and trust.

Vacations are for ALL family members.

From the oldest to the youngest…ALL family members deserve the best of family fun and relaxation.

What Have You Been Missing?

Long known as a golfer's paradise, Hilton Head Island is heaven for any type of sports enthusiast. Tennis, volleyball, polo, championship golf on some of the best fairways in the United States - those are just a few athletic options. In fact, the island plays host to many prestigious sporting events throughout the year. All of it surrounded by sunny beaches and lush greenery. In between games or matches, explore Hilton Head's natural wonders. The Sea Pines Forest Preserve offers a close-up look at a swamp without having to get mucky. Raised boardwalks provide a protected path for pedestrians. And don't miss the colorful Harbourtown Lighthouse, the island's icon. Choose from a number of first-class resorts and hotels to experience it all.
Matthew And Michelle Adams
Your Hosts

Never Miss Out...Going Forward

Your Hosts


Matthew Adams


Devoted Husband and father of 3. Matthew was a professional actor living in Hollywood, California for 25+ years. Loves to travel and has a passion for customer service and marketing.


Michelle Adams


Wife and mother of 3. Michelle was a manager for Vitamin World for 25+ years and became an expert in the field of supplemental nutrition. Also with a program she developed she lost 100+ pounds and is currently writing a book about her journey.